International Rhetoric Workshop (IRW): “Crossing Traditions: Reimagining the Political”. Uppsala University, Sweden, August 17-19 2016.

The International Rhetoric Workshop (IRW) is an international workshop for emerging scholars and PhD students in rhetoric. The workshop offers a space for young scholars in the global rhetoric community to engage each other’s work and to connect with internationally renowned scholars. Held over the course of three days, IRW consists of: workshop sessions in which participants review and discuss drafts of ongoing research with faculty; an opening keynote address on each day from internationally renowned scholars; and faculty discussion panels engaging with topics relevant to the theme and to workshop participants’ research.

The next workshop will be hosted at beautiful Uppsala University between the 17th and the 19th of August 2016. The theme, “Crossing Traditions: Reimagining the Political,” pursues questions of how various traditions of rhetorical theory meet and merge within global rhetorical practices, and how these crossings can change and develop the concept of the political. IRW is designed as an inclusive workshop and the organizers strive to make it possible for young scholars with limited resources to meet others from around the globe and discuss research.