Multichannel Marketing in terms of Credoweb™ – the Healthcare Communications and Information Platform

Alexandra Veleva, Silviya Aleksandrova, Gerald Bruchmann

Abstract: The digitalization of the healthcare sector has started and is gaining speed. More and more patients seek information online. Doctors use digital services and solutions in their practice, driving the industry to reconsider its approach. Pharma companies face new challenges due to reduced contact time with doctors or visits banned altogether. New ways of communication are needed to help companies adjust. Doctors, opinion leaders, patients – they all exchange information in the digital world. The pharma industry must join in, adding value to the communication. Pharma Marketing can no longer ignore the paradigm shift. Companies should make the first steps in the digital multi-channel marketing. But, after all, this is an industry that follows strict policies, compliance practices and rigid laws. And it needs the right digital tool that meets these criteria.

Keywords: social media platform, business communications platform, pharmaceutical market, pharma marketing communications, healthcare sector, innovations, digital communications, brand building, Public relations (PR), pharma industries, multichannel marketing, healthcare communications.

Rhetoric and Communications e-Journal, Issue 24, September 2016


Електронно научно списание „Реторика и комуникации“, бр. 24, септември 2016 г.