Rhetoric and Communications, Issue 34, May 2018

Special issue – papers of 4th ESTIDIA conference “Dialogues without borders: strategies of interpersonal and inter-group communication”

Editor’s Words

Communication, border and boundaries

Mariselda TessaroloCommunicating through the ‘boundaries’ of a globalized world

Grzegorz KowalskiА Problem-Solution pattern in Internet presentations of local- and global-target start-ups

Svitlana Lyubymova A professional identity stereotype in a cognitive linguistic aspect

Language and Communication

Milena PopovaPragmatic and sociolinguistic approaches to humour in intercultural communication

Nikolina TsvetkovaLanguage education for European citizenship

Martina NinovaMeans of argumentative strategies in Spanish dialogue

Penka HristovaEnglish as a lingua franca for Bulgarian participants in the EU Comenius programme

Media Communication

Viara AngelovaForming the “Socialist nation” through television (1960-1980) in Bulgaria. TV programs for children

Plamen AtanasovRumour, websites, the family and the media and young peoples communication