Andrea C. Valente

Andrea C. Valente

I am a PhD Candidate (ABD) completing my dissertation at the intersection of humanities (i.e. communication and education) and (neuro)-sciences in the Department of Humanities at York University, Toronto. I examine the vernacularization of neurosciences in published autobiographies of professional women with neurological conditions such as autism, learning disabilities, and epilepsy under the lenses of complexity studies and ecology of composition (i.e. rhetoric). I hold an MA in Applied Linguistics (UFRJ, Brazil) with a research dissertation on an ethnographic case study of a pre-service instructor of EAP under a theoretical framework of interactional sociolinguistics. I also hold a second MA in Humanities (York) with a Major Research Paper on the rhetoric of bio-documentary film.

I started my academic career as a university lecturer in Rio de Janeiro State in 1998, while I completed my master degree in Applied Linguistics at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. I have taught courses mostly in EAP and English Language in different departments. Since then, I have been involved in education in different contexts and levels as I moved to Canada. For the past 6 years I was a Teaching Assistant in the Department of Humanities at York University, with focus on reading and writing academically as well as teaching popular culture.

Along with my duties as a tutorial leader for Humanities foundation courses, I was also a Teaching Commons Tutor at York University. For the past three years, I was involved in mentoring (International) TAs across campus, developing and facilitating educational workshops, and grading teaching portfolios. During the winter semester of 2017 I worked as a co-course director with Dr. Mandy Frake-Mistak facilitating a TA Certificate in Teaching, accredited by a UK association, SEDA (Staff and Educational Development Association).

Along my teaching duties and obligations, I have maintained a research record by publishing and presenting papers at local and international associations in the field of communication and media, rhetoric, applied linguistics, pedagogy, and literary studies. I also hold memberships with academic associations in Canada and abroad, serving in executive board, volunteering as chair of session, and conference organization. I have also volunteered in peer-review for academic journals.

Throughout my doctoral years, I have been awarded with scholarships such as York Graduate Scholarship, Ontario Graduate Scholarship and SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship for my outstanding academic work. I have also participated in York services such as sitting for executive committees and volunteered at events in my Department and at the Teaching Commons.