Доц. д-р Тетяна Зиновиева

Tetiana ZinovievaAssociate Professor Tetiana Zinovieva (PhD) is a lecturer at Odesa Polytechnic National University, (Ukraine), Information Activity and Media Communications Department. She is the Deputy Director of the Institute of Humanities, Guarantor of the educational and professional programme in “Journalism”. Scientific interests: social communications, gamification in education and communications, visual communication, data journalism and storytelling, digital culture and folklore. Member of the Odesa International Project Team “GameHub – University-Enterprises Cooperation in Game Industry in Ukraine”. Expert at GISAP International Research Championship in Art History, History, Philosophy, Culture Studies, Physical Culture, and Sports. Member of the editorial boards of scientific journals: „Herald of Advanced Information Technology“, „Logos. The art of scientific mind“. Research interests: gamification of education, game-based learning, knowledge management, spirituality in digital culture, traditional and modern culture, visual media narratives, data journalism, and media literacy. ORCID ID 0000-0002-3573-9978. Email address:  zinovieva@op.edu.ua