Adelino Cattani

Adelino Cattani is a professor of Theory of argumentation at the University of Padua, Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Pedagogy and Applied Psychology (FISPPA). He is President of the Association for the Culture and Promotion of Debate (A.C.P.D.) and Director of Eris: International review of argumentation and debate. Member of the Research Group Rhetoric and Anthropology, University of the Holy Cross, Rome. He has widely published on epistemology, argumentation and debate in Italian, English, Spanish, and Chinese. His research interests include the logical and rhetorical dimensions of argumentation, fallacies and deceitful reasoning, the theory of debate and linguistic versatility. Among his books in Italian are: Forms of arguing. Logical and rhetorical aspects of reasoning (1994), Tit for tat. The Art of Replying (2001); How to say it? The right words, the fine words (2008) – Chinese translation: Yang-Chih Book, Taiwan (2017).50 Deceitful Arguments (2011), and Debate. Duties and rights, rules and moves (2012). Spanish translations include: Los usos de la retórica (2003) and Expresarse con acierto. Una palabra para cada ocasión. Una ocasión para cada palabra (2010).