Marcin Lewiński

Marcin Lewiński is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Communication and a Coordinator of the ArgLab, Nova Institute of Philosophy, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal. His  expertise, scientific interests and research include argumentation theory, argumentative polylogues, philosophy of language, pragmatics, etc. His work focuses on argumentative polylogues. Marcin Lewiński is a member of the Editorial Board of two leading peer-reviewed journals in the field: Argumentation (Springer, NL) and Argumentation & Advocacy (Routledge, USA); and a member of the Steering Committee of the European Conference on Argumentation.. He published his dissertation as a book (Internet political discussion forums as an argumentative activity type: A pragma-dialectical analysis of online forms of strategic manoeuvring with critical reactions. Amsterdam: SicSat. 2010).