Marcin Lewiński

Marcin Lewiński is a post-doctoral researcher at Argumentation Lab – a research unit within the IFL. Before joining IFL in 2010, he studied social communication and philosophy at the University of Wrocław (Poland), Erasmus University Rotterdam and finally University of Amsterdam, where he received his PhD in Argumentation Theory (2010). His main field of interest and expertise lies at the intersection of argumentation theory (in particular pragma-dialectics), political theory, practical philosophy, pragmatics and the analysis of information and communication technologies. He is currently involved in two projects sponsored by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT): Argumentation in the virtual public sphere: Between ideal models and actual practices (FCT-funded individual post-doctoral project) and Argumentation, Communication and Context (FCT-funded institutional project in ArgLab). Marcin’s task in these two projects is to study practical argumentation in multi-party activities (argumentative polylogues), especially in political contexts such as online discussions. Argumentative polylogues, which involve more than two opposing positions, are common in political discourse, yet are little analysed and theorised in the form of argumentation models.

Apart from a number of papers, book chapters and presentations on online political argumentation and general problems of argumentation theory, such as fallacies and rational procedures for deliberation, Marcin published his dissertation as a book (Internet political discussion forums as an argumentative activity type: A pragma-dialectical analysis of online forms of strategic manoeuvring with critical reactions. Amsterdam: SicSat. 2010). He is a member of the Steering Committee of the European Conference on Argumentation, the International Society for Argumentation Studies (ILIAS, Amsterdam), and ArguPolis – Argumentation practices in context (Lugano).