Modern Approaches to Public Relations and Marketing in Education

Ян Спатенка

S C H O O L  B L O G

wordpressBlogs are enjoying a great rise in popularity in spite of worldwide prejudices nowadays. Although it can sound a bit unbelievable, youngsters are beginning to read again. They are not interested in mainstream mass media news but they are willing to get relevant information, human opinions, stories and experience. Blogging is an easy way for teachers and students to express their ideas, adopt a stance in certain topics and thus promote your institution in a sophisticated and trendy way.

There are several tips which you should follow out to create a school blog:

1) The blog image should have a pleasant and uncluttered visualization. Photos, videos and other pictures are recommended.

2) Recommend teachers and students to contribute and share their articles regularly to make the blog vivid and up-to-date. You can encourage them by organizing a competition for the most popular article.

3) Keep readable extent of the text. Your article could be short and fitting in the extent of 200-300 words (i.e. just for the cup-of- tea time)

4) Obtain viewers. You can reach higher popularity thanks to choice of actual and attractive topics. Your blog will be regularly visited, searched and shared.

5) Promote the under-articling discussion. Do not be afraid of controversial and negative opinions. Everyone should have the possibility to express their own opinion. Public discussion might be the cause of rising viewer ratings of the whole blog.

6) Interconnect your blog with the website of your institution. Embed school link under every article. It will strengthen its position in web search engines.

Our school has had its own blog for about one year. More than 44,457 viewers have visited our blog so far. The most popular article dedicated to Vladimir Franz, a controversial candidate of the direct presidential elections, has been seen by 10 133 users in a single day. Our school is getting more and more familiar thanks to the school blog PELICAN MAG which we consider as a very natural and effective way.

V I D E O  A S   A   P R E S E N T A T I O N   T O O L   F O R   S C H O O L S

youtubeModern institution should integrate modern tools. Create a YouTube channel, record your own video and approach your potential students and partners by this entertaining and unconventional method. Here you can see several possibilities which can be used for promotion and publicity.

Video card of your school – it consists of general information about your job description accompanied by interesting shots from your institution. It should not be longer than one and a half minutes and you can use background music.

Guides for students – Do your students have any problem with enrolment, submitting an application or uploading to the electronic repository? Record a tutorial for them! You save your town because you don´t need to explain it to them repeatedly. Its biggest advantage is that you can use it for many diverse purposes.

Viral video – Primary role of viral marketing is promoting via spontaneous sharing among internet users. It is not considered to be an advertising spot in the real sense of the word. Viral video should shock or entertain a viewer. Your link shouldn´t be so noticeable and evident here.



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