Rafael Jiménez Cataño

Prof. Rafael Jiménez Cataño, PhD – Born in Mexico, Doctor of Philosophy, Full Professor of Rhetoric at the Communication Faculty of the Holy Cross University, Rome. Among his books is Ragione e persona nella persuasione. Testi su dialogo e argomentazione (Roma, 2012). Some of his recent papers presented at conferences are “The Role of Goodwill in Conflictive Communication” (Bucharest 2005), “The Critical Value of Trust” (Rome 2009), “Resources to Manage Stereotypes and Similar Issues” (Padua 2010), “Taking Care of Identity through Politeness” (Brasov 2014), “The Relevance of Human Being’s Comprehension in Persuasion” (Warsaw 2015), “Dialogue in View of Human Caring” (Nancy 2015). http://www.rafaeljimenezcatano.net.

E-mail: jimenez@pusc.it