Rhetoric and Communications E-journal, Issue 27, March 2017

Special Issue

Editor’s words

Prof.PhD Maria Stoicheva, Prof. Doc. Hab. Ivanka Mavrodieva, Assist. prof. PhD NikolinaTsvetkova.

Communication, Internet Communication and Netizens

Ronda Hauben – Considerations on the Significance of the Net and the Netizens

Ronda Hauben – Ban Ki-moon’s Idea of Leadership or the Candlelight Model for More Democracy?

European Identity: Articles and Essays


Maria Stoicheva – Political, cultural and linguistic challenges of European identity


Gilles Rouet – Boundaries and identities

Galina Rousseva-Sokolova – Europe, seen from India


  1. Robin Laurène – Identity-proof mobility. Reflection on identity change in the context of Erasmus mobility
  2. Georgi Dragomanov – The (lack of) participation in the European elections of 2014 in Bulgaria – a matter of inherent political culture or a systematic failure?
  3. Franzi Prost – European Identitiy:Analyzing European Identity and commenting on Habermas’ paper “Why Europe needs a constitution”
  4. Louise Toulotte – European Identity. Independence and globalization
  5. Maximilian L. Berkenheide – The concept of European Identity in: “February 15, or What Binds Europeans Together: A Plea for a Common Foreign Policy, Beginning in the Core of Europe” by Jürgen Habermas and Jacques Derrida
  6. Iveta Trifonova – Spanish identity: the Catalan case of personal identification
  7. Marta Siurek – Global, national and ethnic identities. European identity – an empty concept or a possible dream?
  8. Ralena Gerasimova – Religious identity in Bulgaria during the communist regime. The case of Orthodox Christianity and Islam
  9. Anna Angelova – Looking into Bulgaria from the outside: the so-called “stereotypes”. Can we trust them?

Scientific events

4th ESTIDIA Conference “Dialogues without Borders: Strategies of Interpersonal and Inter-group Communication”, 29-30 September 2017, Sofia, Sofia University, Bulgaria

EUROMEC Summer school 2017, Third Jean Monnet Summer School for PhD students, “Identities in urban contexts: the European multilingual city”, 10-15 July, Dublin, Ireland


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