Rhetoric and Communications, Issue 31, November 2017

Identity, Mobility, Public and Business Communication, Linguistics


Prof. Maria Stoicheva, PhD; Prof. Ivanka Mavrodieva, Doc. Hab.; Assist. Prof. Nikolina Tzvetkova, PhD; Assist. Prof. Darin Drossev, PhD


Prof. Maria Stoicheva, Jean Monnet Chair, Functional Rector for International Relations and Doctoral School, Sofia University St Kliment Ohridski

International credit mobility: a focus on outcomes and impact in working together with Partner countries higher education institutions

Identity and Mobility

Stela Konakcieva Binding Europe from Below. Models of European identity from Free Movement of Persons’ perspective

Desislava KaraasenovaA Mobility of the professoriate: motivations of Bulgarian scholars to pursue a Fulbright fellowship


Spas RangelovVerbal Aspectuality and Situation Types in Bulgarian: Preliminary Observations

Hayann Lee Language education of South Korea

Public and Business Communication

Philip StoyanovGreenwashing and PR in the financial sector in Bulgaria

Phan Xuan Hoang and Nguyen Thi Phuong ThaoE-government in Developing countries

Phan Minh Duc Ho, Quoc Tu Nguyen, Nguyen Phi Dao Evaluating the level of meeting working requirements of graduated accounting student by using Important-Performance Analysis (IPA)