Multichannel Marketing in terms of Credoweb™ – the Healthcare Communications and Information Platform

Alexandra Veleva

Silviya Aleksandrova

 Gerald Bruchmann

Abstract: The digitalization of the healthcare sector has started and is gaining speed. More and more patients seek information online. Doctors use digital services and solutions in their practice, driving the industry to reconsider its approach. Pharma companies face new challenges due to reduced contact time with doctors or visits banned altogether. New ways of communication are needed to help companies adjust. Doctors, opinion leaders, patients – they all exchange information in the digital world. The pharma industry must join in, adding value to the communication. Pharma Marketing can no longer ignore the paradigm shift. Companies should make the first steps in the digital multi-channel marketing. But, after all, this is an industry that follows strict policies, compliance practices and rigid laws. And it needs the right digital tool that meets these criteria.

Keywords: social media platform, business communications platform, pharmaceutical market, pharma marketing communications, healthcare sector, innovations, digital communications, brand building, Public relations (PR), pharma industries, multichannel marketing, healthcare communications.

pdf-155498_640Designed as a social media Credoweb™ is an innovative online communication platform connecting everybody in the healthcare sector. Credoweb™ helps users find information and enhances communication in an expert and, most importantly, safe environment. As a unique business platform, Credoweb™ provides companies with a multichannel marketing arsenal as part of the overall integrated brand communications and enhances the brand building. In Credoweb™ there is a wide public area accessible anytime by anyone. Moreover, there is a restricted doctors-only area where pharmaceutical stakeholders can safely publish Rx* product information accessible only to registered physicians.

Why Credoweb™?

Prerequisites for need of multichannel marketing in pharmaceutical market

  • Reaching specialists to share information on new researches in the pharmaceutical industry becomes harder due to the increasingly competitive environment:

  • Current need of effective targeting and segmentation of consumers is essential

  • Trainings and education for physicians and communication with them in the most convenient way is essential

  • Closed community in Credoweb™, visible only for verified medical specialists, enables sharing information related to prescription drugs;

  • Global digitalization influences the demand for digital communication in the industry:

  • Physicians need a professional medium for information about new researches, innovations and discussions on important topics in medicine and pharmaceutical industry

  • Specialists value the opportunity of sharing expertise, experience and knowledge

  • Customers interaction with health-related topics via social media is an everyday reality;

Necessity of continuing education for physicians and patients in new dynamic environment

  • 68% of pharma executives say current commercial model is broken (diagram 2)

What is Credoweb™? (diagram 1)

  • Credoweb™ is a pioneer social media platform connecting everyone in the healthcare sector – physicians, patients, patient organizations, institutions and the pharmaceutical industry

  • A business platform for promotion of products and services in a professional medium using Open Source Marketing and Multichannel Marketing;

  • Credoweb™ offers digital communications and creates new brandtouch points in terms of contemporary IMC** (PR, advertising, event management, etc.);

  • Credoweb™ provides specific tools for enhancing the knowledge and skills of medical professionals and patients;

Multichannel Marketing in terms of Credoweb™

Business cases for Rx* Original Products – current model and integration in multichannel environment


Current Model

Integration of current model in Credoweb™

From Product to Brand

Conferences, studies, scientific materials and new research on drugs

Sharing the content to targeted physicians in Credoweb™, building positive awareness and trust and providing useful information knowledge and skills

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) presenting and sharing research for the new product launches

Reputation and publicity of the KOLs by promoting video and text materials published in their profiles

Short list of specialists that medical representatives work with, lack of access to GPs (General Practitioners)

Increasing the quality of contact with specialists by sending them personal useful information, valuable for their business. Reaching GPs through Credoweb™. Measurable communication and tracking of all activities

New researches are distributed via different static sources. At the core is the product, and communicating its features and benefits

Creation and administration of topic-related pages in Credoweb™ enables interaction and dynamic view of the marketing and branding. At the core is the customer, whether doctor or patient, and their position and need to be brand ambassadors

Targeting patients in partnership with patient associations and organizations

Building a loyal community around company brands more easily and efficiently by supporting disease and prevention awareness campaigns for patients in collaboration with all stakeholders


E-learning and digitalizing further education within the industry

  • Credoweb™ developed a special tool to digitalize further education of medical professionals:

  • Leading physicians, universities, physicians’ organizations can publish papers, presentations or lectures;

  • E-learning helps physicians:

  • Stay up-to-date with scientific developments in medicine – Test their understanding after reading/listening to the materials

  • Ask questions and engage in professional discussions;

  • Companies, organizations, physicians and hospitals can use the same tool to help patients learn more about their condition;

Quick facts of Success of Credoweb™

Credoweb™ in Bulgaria – launched Online May 2013

  • 70% of physicians from all specialties (including cardiology, endocrinology, oncology and lung specialists) in major cities in Bulgaria are Credoweb™ members;

  • 300 000 unique users visit Credoweb™ monthly;

  • 50% of the registered physicians visit Credoweb™ more than once per month. They spend on average 12:30 min and read 15 pages;

  • Over 140 articles are posted weekly by physicians, hospitals and institutions;

  • The key institutions in Bulgaria (Ministry of Health National Drug Agency, Bulgarian Medical Association) have recognized Credoweb™ as their new communication medium and share information about their activities with their key partners;

  • Bulgarian Medical Association run all further education courses for physicians through Credoweb™;

Credoweb™ in Austria – launched Online January 2016 – expectations for 2016:

  • Win over 20% of all physicians in the big cities as active members;

  • Coverage of health-related events in partnership with organizations and associations will redound Credoweb to become main point of reference to patients searching solutions to socially significant diseases;

*Rx – prescription medicines

**IMC – integrated marketing communications

Alexandra Veleva is CEO of  ( and COO of She has been in the company since September 2013 and says she had the honor to see the platform grow as philosophy and importance for society. What she finds inspiring in the idea about a platform that connects everyone in the healthcare sector is the transparency that can be achieved. She believes the main goal of thе company is to give physicians, users, companies and institutions the opportunity to share ideas, new research, to present their services and products. The mission is to increase cooperation and trust between all stakeholders and to help users find their way faster in the jungle called healthcare system.

Silviya Aleksandrova is Head of Client Solutions Management of 

( since January 2015: “Think about what people are doing while using social media in their everyday life today. They are keeping up with their friends and family, but they are also building an image and identity for themselves, which in a sense is their brand. They are connecting with the audience that they want to connect to share thoughts, stories and helpful information. Health-related topics, causes and knowledge need to be shared most because people’s health matters most.

Being a communications platform for health and uniting all healthcare stakeholders, Credoweb™ mission is to provide experts information to anyone who needs advice on health-related topics. Credoweb™ helps experts and brands that improve quality of life to stand out and share expertise and knowledge.”

Gerald Bruchmann is Head of Marketing of  since November 2015. Why is he working so hard on this platform? He believes that there is a huge need in connecting health professionals with each other. On one hand, they need to have a regular knowledge transfer for all research news, while on the other hand, they need a platform to present themselves to end users, gaining popularity for their services. The objective is for users to do all this faster, more efficiently and productively through Credoweb™.

Rhetoric and Communications e-Journal, Issue 24, September 2016

Електронно научно списание „Реторика и комуникации“, бр. 24, септември 2016 г.