Rakovski National Defense College in Bulgaria and its Alumni – a communication plan

Elitsa Nikolova

Abstract: The article presents a communication plan that is to increase the cooperation between Rakovski National Defense College in Bulgaria and its alumni through communication and events. It is an original pattern that is suitable for being put into practice. The action plan includes action strategies, timeline and resourses. External and internal target audiences are being identified. Themes, messages and talking points are being coined.

Keywords: communication plan, communication challenge, alumni, target audiences, themes, messages, talking points.


  • Научното електронното списание „Реторика и комуникации” започва да се издава като част от дейностите по проект № 167 от 2011 г., НИС, СУ „Св. Климент Охридски” „Особености на академичната комуникация в интернет (Уеб 2.0): писане и публикуване в научни електронни списания”.
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